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Recently the Bank of England issued a statement that crypto carries limited risk. It referred to the probability that the economy could be interfered with.

Cryptocurrency’s total market cap is estimated at $2 trillion, between the worth of Apple and Amazon. The future of cryptocurrency could be put in check if relevant bodies came up with regulations that govern its existence quickly.

It has been claimed that the bank advocates for a locally expanded as well as universal rules and guidance so that the market is kept under control. Cryptocurrency operates at a universal level; this means that rules in the UK may not prevent it from thriving. In the absence of universal involvement by other countries, investors would simply look for options that would favour them in other countries.

It is also common knowledge that people with abilities to undertake multiple investment options can easily shift their assets to favourable boundaries to avoid tax imposition and undue regulations.

Available investment options

There is an ongoing talk about how people can divert or invest their assets and how this will impact on the UK economy. These are questions that you may need to ponder so you can decide on how best to store your assets.

On a lighter note, there are myriad more options that you can use to safely store your assets. For instance, you can choose a cheap way to buy bitcoin in the UK and gain more insight from inside bitcoins and how you can effectively store your assets in a safe manner. You can buy bitcoins into some of the highly rated companies in the UK and abroad that have been tried and tested over time, yet they remain strong pillars of investment for people who may not even be living in the UK.

Another option to consider is trading cryptocurrency. Here you can use verified platforms and engage them to conduct trade for you. When the stakes are right, you could gain profits by disposing of your assets. However, trading always carries a risk.

The growth crypto has witnessed over the past decade cannot be overlooked. The most common and best means to buy crypto in the UK includes coinbase pro, kraken, coinjar, luno, Gemini, solidi and Bittylicious, LocalBitcoins, BC Bitcoin.

Coinbase pro remains one of the cheapest ways to procure bitcoins in the UK and includes a bank transfer, says quick penguin.

Since bitcoin is generally taken as the lead of the cryptocoins, it is possible to legally procure it using some of the cryptocoins listed here. There are individuals who have been able to reap profits from bitcoin despite its volatility. 

Bear in mind that this profitability reduces with the influx of more people into the arena. However, with the high risk, high return policy seen in the crypto industry, the stakes are equally high for any potential and active investor.