Yours App, a UK-based wellness startup, has raised a pre-Series A round from international cybersecurity company and startup accelerator Tesonet.

Yours App is aiming to become a comprehensive digital assistant helping users to improve their wellbeing. 

Lithuania-based Tesonet will provide funds to scale the product alongside support in software development, marketing and sales.

The firm said it started looking for the best mindfulness product to offer its 2,000+ members during the COVID-19 pandemic.

After testing dozens of solutions, it was impressed by Yours App’s quality and ‘strong message of self-love, diversity and acceptance’.

“Our decision to invest in Yours App should come as no surprise,” said co-founder Tomas Okmanas. “Although Tesonet is mainly known in the cybersecurity space, we also work with growth-scale startups across multiple industries. 

“Wellness is one of the areas we want to explore, as mental health and personal wellbeing deserve more attention in our fast-paced world.”

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Yours App is led by entrepreneur Janette Daubare, who is well-versed in customer experience – a key element of building subscription-based services. 

Users can choose from various categories, including guided meditation, sleep stories, yoga routines and music composed specifically for mindfulness experiences. These are complemented by expertly crafted videos featuring renowned psychologists, physiotherapists and wellness experts. 

A host of well-respected actors and celebrities, such as Spice Girl Mel B, have lent their voices to the app’s relaxing sleep stories. They also offer insights into their own wellbeing journeys. 


“The wellness space is a crowded one, and to excel, you need to grow fast,” the co-founder and CEO explained.

“Knowing the astonishing track record of Tesonet Accelerator, I’m looking forward to their help in improving our product, maximising our marketing efforts and finding better ways of serving our clients across the world.”