A smart clothing firm has opened a new research and development centre in Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry.

Prevayl’s new facility is made up of an interdisciplinary team of IP, softwear, textiles and design.

The firm’s tech platform combines weaving graphene into its smart clothes, sensors, biosignal analysis, advanced analytics, blockchain, fast data streaming and 5G.

A diverse range of tests are being undertaken at the location, collecting more tester data and research on the human body, allowing Prevayl to develop and enhance its product offering.

Michael John Lynch, Director of Electronics at Prevayl, commented on the opening: “Manchester offers the start-up world deep roots in pioneering textile development and engineering, it has experienced a tremendous amount of growth over the last few years when you look at technology investments as a whole. Investment in technology projects have more than tripled in 2019 compared to the same spend in 2018.”

CEO Adam Croft amplifies the excitement of Prevayl’s future stating “Self-monitoring is the future of healthcare and performance. People will be able to make informed decisions on their own data and will be able to act fast ahead of time. They’ll be no miss-diagnosis. Real-time information will be key.”

In June last year Crofts claimed the company was on track to become the fastest-growing unicorn business in the world, achieving a $1bn valuation within its first 365 days of trading.