Bristol-based tech startup Geollect is helping the world’s largest cruise line to get back to sea after turmoil in the industry created by the COVID-19 pandemic.   

By utilising the same tools built for the Royal Navy, Geollect will support Carnival Corporation ships in monitoring risk and understanding global restrictions and travel corridors. 

The uncertainty in the industry has created an overwhelming influx of big data and Geollect, who have a number of former Royal Navy intelligence experts, are working to unlock big datasets to provide simple and clear port and regional assessments and analytical support. 

On top of a customised vessel tracking and maritime information dashboard, Geollect is providing extra intelligence resources to help achieve a smooth return to operations for their cruise line partners.  Near real-time vessel tracking and visualisation of itineraries are fused with a global intelligence picture and displayed on a clear and intuitive interactive map. 

“The fallout from the covid-19 pandemic combined with climate change, a growing refugee crisis, and overwhelming influx of ‘big data’, has created a perfect storm of uncertainty,” said Geollect CEO Cate Gwilliam.  

Cruise lines must react quickly to operate safely and provide assurance to customers.  Here at Geollect we are putting vast amounts of disparate data in one place and presenting it in a clear, easy to use, format, helping the industry get back to sea. 

Geollect web app showing shipping routes to help void piracy

Geollect web app showing shipping routes to help avoid piracy

A robust global health monitoring dashboard provides a powerful visualisation of all public data on COVID-19 and its impact. Filtered data from news, social media, databases, NGOs and other dedicated providers is scraped and processed then geographically located on a live map.    

It goes beyond simply showing cases by region – displaying trends, predictions, economic impact, in-country restrictions and much more – offering clear insight and advice to decision-makers. The platform is built as an enduring capability to monitor and track emerging risks.