My Online Therapy’s parent company Lekta Therapy has listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange.

My Online Therapy helps people access contemporary psychological therapies by connecting them with registered psychologists via video, live chat or daily coaching.

The London company’s shares are now available on the Vienna MTF, managed and organised by the Wiener Börse AG.

MOT, founded in 2018, will use the funds raised to strengthen its balance sheet and to support its next phase of rapid growth. 

The company was assisted by Andrea Arcangeli, partner of law firm Studio CMS, and by Tiziana Iacobelli, head of Iaco Finance & Communication. 

“The global health and wellness industry is experiencing a massive influx of capital,” said Arcangeli.

“Investors are extremely enthusiastic about the sector’s future and are keen to get involved, so I have no doubt that the company’s listing on such a respected stock exchange as Wiener Börse, which serves as a hub between institutional investors from the US, UK and France, will be incredibly successful.”

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