Posted on December 19, 2018 by staff

Would you let social media pick your next holiday?


Virgin has launched a new digital platform that gives users real-time holiday recommendations based on trending social media posts.

The Trending Travel Guide harnesses the power of ‘sophisticated social listening technology’, Crimson Hexagon, to analyse tens of thousands of social posts and provide travel tips in real-time.

The platform updates daily with the most talked-about bars, restaurants and attractions in top holiday destinations, recommending the most “Instagram-worthy” places.

The company said the launch of its new platform comes as the “popularity of guidebooks wanes and social media increasingly dictates travel choices”.

The travel guide also features blogs and reviews from local travel writers and influencers.

“The world is a playground full of countless new recipes to try, pools to dive into and adventures to be shared,” said Virgin Holidays managing director Joe Thompson.

“The Trending Travel Guide has been developed to help people discover new and exciting experiences, by harnessing the power of social media.”