Posted on June 8, 2016 by staff

Video: What is the Internet of Things and big data?


The Internet of Things and big data are buzzwords in tech – but you may not have grasped the extent to which they will shape our society.

If you have a smartwatch or even a smartphone your life has already been influenced by the IoT.

With smart devices flooding the market and the future of business inextricably linked to big data, it is important to understand just what these terms mean – and the possible repercussions of signing your data away.

The BusinessCloud roundtable discussion featured in the videos below considers:

  • What exactly is the IoT – and how it relates to big data
  • How the IoT will change our everyday lives – from the connected home to potholes
  • How it will “blow our minds” and shape the societies of the future
  • The legal issues around collecting and using data
  • How businesses should look to embrace the IoT

The expert panel consists of 3rings chairman Steve Purdham, technology consultant Phil Laszkowicz, Cake Invest CTO Steve Strickland-Wright, Altium MD Adrian Reed, Capita’s Dan Warren, ResponseTap co-founder Richard Hamnett and Barclays Rise head Matthew Elliott.

Enjoy the discussion – and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos.