Posted on June 21, 2019 by staff

‘Videos have two seconds to grab audience’s attention’


Two budding film-makers from Manchester say video content has two seconds to grab the audience’s attention before they scroll past.

Luke Crompton and Nick Chadford launched their creative agency Bloc 19 last September but have already worked with the likes of Capital & Centric, Artez, Manchester International Festival, Derek Gough Associates and up-and-coming singer Livvy K.

The 22-year-olds are film and TV production graduates from Northumbria University and say videos are a great way for companies to create engaging content for a modern business on social media.

Crompton said: “We live in an ‘attention economy’. If you don’t grab the audience with your video straight away you’ll lose the opportunity.

“Nick and I are both millennials and recognised there was a gap in the market to create engaging social media content.

“The right video on Facebook or Twitter can get 500,000 views which is a brilliant way for companies to strengthen their brand.”

The entrepreneurs left university hoping to use their skills in the film industry but decided to launch their own business Bloc 19, which specalises in video production in Crusader Mill, Manchester.

“A lot of the people we work with are property companies like Capital & Centric and Artez,” said Crompton.

“They’re involved in some eye-catching projects and a press release with a photo doesn’t bring it to life. That’s where we come in.

“Successful content has to be visual. It has to engage in the first two seconds. If your video doesn’t get out the blocks straight away then the moment will be lost.

“As our reputation has grown we’ve found ourselves working with a range of clients from accountants to pop stars and even Manchester International Festival.”

Crompton, who went to Bolton School, said modern technology has driven down the cost of videos.

“It used to cost thousands but now we can do them for a few hundred pounds.

“As a start-up we’re able to keep our costs to a minimum but we have ambitious plans to grow.

“Modern businesses are evolving and videos that look and sound good are really engaging. We’re delighted with how Bloc 19 is going but this is only the start.”