Posted on August 13, 2018 by staff

Video intelligence platform gets AI injection


LivingLens has released an enhanced version of its video intelligence platform to help its users get greater insights from video.

The next generation of the company’s tech has been rolled out across its client base of global brands, market research agencies and technology providers.

LivingLens captures and analyses video content via speech, actions & sentiment, translating human behaviour into insights.

It makes working with video efficient and scalable by breaking it down into a usable data asset that enables fast insights creation.

The latest software version brings together all the latest capabilities with a more intuitive updated user interface, providing clients with a world-class experience to capture, view, analyse and share their multimedia content.

“Over the past 18 months we have enhanced the LivingLens platform with a whole host of exciting new capabilities, making the most of advancements in machine learning,” said LivingLens COO David Woods.

“We want to ensure that we are providing our clients with the best experience possible, maximising the value they gain from these new features.

“Our major software upgrade is centred around enabling users to effectively unlock the insight in people’s stories, getting to the moments that matter quickly and surfacing the insight across large amounts of content, whether they are in the spoken word, emotional layers or determined by the respondent’s environment or actions.”

With the update users will also get an enriched video view with streamlined layout and a refined showreel creation for effortless storytelling to aid customer-centric decisions.

The system will also be easier to use, with improved filtering & coding functionality and a simplified processes for managing users.

In addition to the UX upgrades, updates have also been made to the system infrastructure. This includes increased global capabilities to facilitate the storage and processing of data in different territories and significant speed improvements.

Integration processes have been further streamlined, increasing the ease and speed at which clients can benefit from using LivingLens APIs within their own applications.