Posted on November 7, 2018 by staff

Vet-tech start-up leads the way with AI


An innovative veterinary research and development company set to revolutionise the UK and global pet market has filed patents for ground-breaking artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Based in Leeds, Vet-AI is leading the way in bringing AI to the global pet market, an industry worth £100 billion.

Founded in early 2017 by tech expert Paul Hallett and vet Robert Dawson, Vet-AI is an R&D company developing a number of solutions that focus on supporting pets, vets and giving pet parents the tools to access care more affordably and conveniently when their pets need it most.

The company’s flagship brand, Joii, is set to launch in April 2019.

“This technology allows us to learn the statistical patterns present in our data to discover preventative healthcare intervention strategies for the benefit of our beloved pets,” said Vet-AI chief data scientist Trevor Hardcastle.

“It’s very exciting to collaborate with veterinarians and expert data scientists to develop new ground-breaking technologies with the ultimate goal of improving animal welfare.”

The company is involving the world’s biggest animal health pharmaceutical companies, leading universities and the RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) to scientifically validate the tech.

Co-founder Robert Dawson commented: “Sadly there is a real problem with vets leaving the profession, a lot of which is down to the difficulty of maintaining a work/life balance within traditional practices, particularly for those with young families.

“We are building technologies that will offer an alternative way of working with complete flexibility.

“By doing so we believe we will help keep some amazing vets working within this great profession and give them new ways to connect and engage with pets and pet parents.”

The company plans to partner with charities in the near future, with animal welfare at the forefront of Vet-AI.