A New York virtual events company has unveiled UK production locations as part of its global expansion. 

Yoop eSpace allows artists and creators to bring fans virtually on-stage via digital screens for real-time interaction, which it says captures energy that is often lost in traditional live-streaming performances. 

The Yoop eSpace events can be joined simultaneously by millions of fans around the world and be used for public speaking, corporate events, musical performances and stand-up comedy among others. The firm also teamed up with several content providers to raise funds to fight COVID-19. 

It has also announced a partnership with legendary touring group Cirque du Soleil. 

The platform launched in Montreal, Canada in June and now plans to develop eSpace venues in LA, the New York greater area, and Nashville in the US, as well as in the UK.  

“I’m thrilled to share Yoop eSpace with the world as we all navigate this challenging environment,” said Benoit Fredette, founder and CEO of Yoop 

“I built Yoop to give fans a voice; Yoop eSpace does this by removing physical barriers to access for fans and enabling audiences and content providers to communicate live during events.  

“It also allows performers to scale their events beyond the capacity constraints of a physical venue and without sacrificing production quality.  

These venues will be specifically configured for camera angles, sound setup and other logistical details to provide excellent production quality. 

Arsenal and France legend Thierry Henry, now head coach of Major League Soccer’s Montreal Impact, said in May: “This is a difficult time for our fans, our team and our league, which makes a sense of connection within this community all the more critical.  

“I want to truly engage with our fans of this club, this league and this sport, and share my thoughts on how the current situation is affecting us and how we are coming together even though we must stay safe and apart. 

Fans can discover, view and purchase access to Yoop eSpace events all in one platform directly through the Yoop app or website.  

Public events are offered on a pay-per-view basis, some with an option for 24-hour replay, and the platform offers a hosted event option for private audiences.