Payments insights firm Bango has commenced public trading in the United States.

The Cambridge company is already listed on London’s AIM junior market but said growth in its US customer base has prompted it to list on the OTCQX Best Market.

In December 2021, the firm announced a change to its presentational currency to US dollars to increase the appeal of its shares to a global investor audience. 

Bango said trading on OTCQX will further increase its visibility and accessibility to North American investors. 

“Cross-trading on OTCQX is expected to widen Bango’s investor base and has the potential to increase liquidity in Bango’s Ordinary Shares on AIM,” it stated.

It said the move was not a capital raise, with no new ordinary shares issued.

“To meet the increased interest from US institutional and retail investors, we have taken the decision to launch on OTCQX,” said CEO Paul Larbey. 

“The success of our payments business – particularly the recurring revenues generated by our platform product – as well as in our unique purchase behaviour targeting technology, positions Bango strongly for continuing growth across our markets. 

“I am pleased that US investors can now more easily participate in the Bango growth story.”

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