Posted on February 26, 2019 by staff

‘Unicorn test’ created to assess start-ups


An international payments provider has launched a new assessment designed to help business leaders predict if their start-up will become the next unicorn.

Designed in partnership with foresight strategists The Future Laboratory, ePayments’ ‘Unicorn Index’ is a gamified test that helps business leaders  assess the potential of their company .

The Unicorn Index analyses responses to a series of fictional scenarios to which participants are rated against six attributes: agility, foresight, reputation, consciousness, nurturing and innovation.

The overall score gives an indicator of whether their business is a rare, talented organisation destined for unicorn status, or if it is still in need of improvement.

Participants in the Unicorn Index will be able to see where their business features on the leader board and get hints and tips on where they need to focus their attention.

“In these uncertain times every single business, large or small, has to be as proactive as possible, but in order to channel their energy in the right direction they need to know their organisation’s strengths and weaknesses,” said Mike Rymanov, CEO of ePayments.

“That’s why we’ve launched the Unicorn Index, to give businesses the opportunity to understand their preparedness for the future and where they should be investing their precious time and money, so that they can realise their potential.”

Chris Sanderson, co-founder of The Future Laboratory added: “In a constantly changing global economy businesses must be informed and alive to opportunities.

“Our researchers identified six talents that businesses must have if they’re to win the recognition and loyalty from consumers. And these are the areas where businesses can either excel or dive-bomb entirely.”