Posted on February 19, 2019 by staff

New UKFast tech makes apps available in seconds


Cloud hosting firm UKFast is launching a new One-Click Apps feature across its eCloud hosting portfolio, allowing users to install popular applications on new virtual machines in seconds.

The development means the elimination of lengthy install processes and reduces the burden on tech teams.

Applications to be supported by the new feature include GitLab, Docker, MySQL, Plesk, Node.js, LEMP, LAMP, MongoDB, Ghost, Postgres, Redis, Gogs, MariaDB, RabbitMQ, WordPress and Jenkins.

The Manchester headquartered business, founded by Lawrence and Gail Jones employs 450 people, with UKFast directly employing 350.

“This is another step in our journey to make things easier and faster for our clients,” said UKFast CTO Neil Lathwood.

“Launching applications on virtual machines needn’t be a lengthy or complicated process.

“The applications we’ve chosen to include are some of the most used within our client base. We’re always listening to what our clients need and we’ll continue to grow the number of applications supported by one-click functionality.”

UKFast is investing heavily in the eCloud platform and recently announced an upgrade in chip architecture to the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, which offer enhanced performance and are set to deliver the firm’s fastest ever cloud.

eCloud is available in Public, Hybrid and Private versions and delivers more than £20m annual recurring revenue for the British hosting firm.