Last month saw record applications to Tech Nation’s Visa, which enables tech talent to work in the UK tech sector.

Tech Nation has been designated by the Home Office to endorse applications for the Global Talent Visa in digital technology. The Tech Nation Visa received its highest application number since records began in 2014.

It reports applications in Q3 were up 42% on the previous quarter, and up 8% on Q3 of last year. August 2020 was the third highest month for visa applications on record.

Applicants have predominantly come from India, Russia and the US, from backgrounds in software development, cloud computing and AI.

Stephen Kelly, Chair of Tech Nation said the record number “flies in the face of claims that remote working and Covid-19 will deter people coming to the UK to work. Quite the contrary. In an environment where talented entrepreneurs are facing potential obstacles in moving to the US, the UK is a natural home.

“Maintaining the ability to attract talent from abroad is critical for our economic recovery. 25% of those who receive a Tech Nation visa are founders.

“These individuals are setting up businesses across the UK, bringing capital and jobs that are fuelling our economic growth. In 2019, £10.1bn was invested into UK tech companies, which created 2.92m jobs.

“As countries like France, Germany and the Netherlands become more competitive tech ecosystems, it’s essential international entrepreneurs feel welcome. In addition to low administrative burdens, we need to continue to have support structures in place for a soft landing when talent arrives as well as favourable business environments.

“But finally, as we consider the long-term effects of Covid-19 and as borders collapse as we move to the cloud, the UK needs to carefully consider the future of the digital nomad.”