CloudStratex aims to tackle the global IT talent shortage with a new ‘Talent Academy’ website. 

The London firm says has been designed to support the development of top IT talent and create the next generation of leaders. 

CloudStratex aims to transform how blue-chip businesses leverage nextgeneration technologies. The new website offers funded technical and business professional qualifications and certifications which gives people the tools to become the CEOs and CTOs of tomorrow. 

It acts as a portal for businesses looking to hire professionally trained and highly skilled IT staff, as well as provide access to the firm’s homegrown training pathways. 

Fred Flack, Head of Talent Academy at Cloudstratex, recently wrote in BusinessCloud that a tech-first approach will help businesses adapt to ‘black swan’ events such as COVID-19 in future. 

He said of the new website: “The end goal of modern business should be to become digitally self-sufficient, so they grow into significantly more resilient, adaptable, and resourceful entities.  

If your business understands technology, the latest developments within the industry, and how to access it for the benefits of your customers and clients, you will be in a strong position to succeed.  

“That is why the Talent Academy website is so important for our clients, as it will act as a onestop shop for them to quickly access highly trained and skilled tech talent, with a modern business mindset.  

This is so important for any business that wants to stay one step ahead given the tough economic climate and highly competitive business environment.”