Posted on August 4, 2016 by staff

UK ‘taking digital detox’ after becoming hooked on devices


Research from internet regulator Ofcom has found an internet overload has led to millions of people in the UK taking a “digital detox”.

The survey found 34 per cent of internet users have taken nearly a month off the web while 59 per cent said they considered themselves hooked on devices, with a third saying they found it difficult to disconnect.

The research suggests a typical adult spends 25 hours online per week, with nearly half saying they go online or check apps more than ten times a day.

Half of those surveyed also said they spent longer online than originally intended each day.

The study consisted of 2,025 adults and 500 teenagers and forms part of Ofcom’s Communications Market Report, which assesses the state of the digital nation.

A quarter of teenagers said they had been late to school as a result of being online, while six in 10 said they neglected school work because of it.

As a result of this, parents are increasingly taking devices away from children or restricting their usage.

When questioned on why they were taking time out, 44 per cent said it was to spend more time doing other things and 38 per cent said to spend more time interacting with friends and family.

A third said they felt more productive as a result of their detox, with a quarter saying they enjoyed life more without the constant attention of the web.

Meanwhile, many start-ups are unimpressed with large broadband providers and are looking to smaller telecoms businesses for support.