Posted on May 14, 2018 by staff

UK space industry sets out vision for growth


The Space Growth Partnership (SGP), an industry led initiative, has published a strategy document which sets out a vision for enhanced growth in the UK space sector over the next decade.

The ‘Prosperity from Space’ document has committed to improving low-cost access to space, advancing in-space robotics, improving global connectivity, and building on earth information services, which includes navigation, analytics and security.

“This sector-led strategy sets out the ambition of the companies, institutions, academics and entrepreneurs of the UK’s space sector,” said Andy Green, Chair of the Space Sector Council and President of UKspace.

“Space delivers tangible benefits to everyone in the UK, improving communications, travel and security amongst much else.

“We will build on our successful partnership with Government to create high value jobs and growth across the UK for the benefit of all.

” I thoroughly commend this strategy to the Government.”

In the document, the strategy is outlined in four pillars, involving the creation of a National Space Programme, securing and building on existing strengths, investing in people and places, and continuing growth from investment in European programmes.

Within these four pillars, the strategy includes more detailed ambitions, which include improving the entrepreneurial pathway, attracting and training up to 30,000 additional skilled people by 2030.

The strategy also aims to combine capabilities in space data and AI to drive productivity in sectors across the UK economy.

The report says that the space sector will actively encourage diversity and inclusion in its workforce and interact with 1 million young people per year in a bid to increase interest in careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).