Posted on November 20, 2019 by staff

UK launch of gig economy cleaning app ‘with a conscience’


Marketplace and app for online cleaning services Cleanzy is launching in the UK today.

The firm has already set up shop in Turkey, Italy and Spain and claims to put the wellbeing of Cleanzy’s freelance cleaners at the heart of the business.

Powered by the UK gig economy, the cleaning company has raised more than $4.5m from Collective Spark, Maxis VC and several prominent angel investors Since launching in 2014.

The start-up said it uses AI to match the right cleaner with the right job, by task, location, price and time.

After setting up its first UK based office in Paddington in September 2019, it has now launched in London with 150 cleaning professionals.

The firm said it plans to move to four UK cities by the second half of 2020, with a goal of 5,000 cleaners by end of 2020.

Globally the firm works with over 15,000 cleaners and has cleaned 200,000 homes.

When recruiting cleaners, the firm said its team meets individuals in person to learn about their background, personal stories, life commitments and approach to the job.

Tayga Baltacioglu, founder and CEO of Cleanzy acknowledged that the gig economy can have negative connotations but that the firm was one which “truly cared about its workers.

“We aim to offer busy city workers peace of mind when it comes to cleaning with a hassle-free service, so that they can cross something off the to-do list,” said Baltacioglu

“Ultimately we want to change people’s perspective of the profession and make it an industry that people want to work in.

Sharron Russel, cleaning professional at Cleanzy, added: “The company is great for cascading information to the staff and great at updating us on new things that are happening – it’s a great cleaning company to work for and I love my job.”