Posted on June 21, 2019 by staff

UK Government reveals new security standards for CCTV


The UK government has revealed it’s a set of new requirements for CCTV manufacturers.

The new standards are designed to ensure that surveillance equipment is secure against unauthorised access by default.

The UK Surveillance Camera Commissioner (SCC) revealed the new voluntary guidance after working with brands including Bosch, Axis, Hikvision and Hanwha.

The announcement follow serveral high profile and well publicised compromises of systems left CCTV streams live and accessible via the internet.

If successful they will be able to list the component or system as certified by the Commissioner and will be able to display his certification mark.

Mike Gillespie, cyber security advisor to the Commissioner said the key to greater security was to ensure devices were secured before being sold.

“Encouraging manufacturers to ensure they ship their devices in this secure state is the key objective of these minimum requirements for manufacturers,” he said.

“Manufacturers benefit by being able to demonstrate they take cyber seriously and their equipment is designed and built to be resilient.

“Installers and integrators benefit from the introduction of the requirements by not having to know how to turn dangerous ports or protocols off during the installation. End users benefit because they know they are buying equipment that has demonstrated it has been designed to be resilient to cyber-attack and data theft.”

Manufacturers can demonstrate they meet the minimum requirements by completing a self-certification form and submitting it to the Commissioner’s office for validation.