A London robotics firm has secured £4.8m ($6m) and partnered with BA and Heathrow as it plans to bring helpful robots into public spaces.

Founded in 2015, BotsAndUs makes robots to work alongside people in shopping centres, airports and offices.

The robots serve a dual purpose – first to assist in basic customer service operations, and second to collect data about its surroundings.

The data collected by the robots, and tasks which the robots can be programmed to automate, are designed to help clients make business decisions that drive efficiency, reduce costs, and increase revenues.

The funding was led by Kindred Capital and Capnamic Ventures, with angel investors from the UK and the US also participating in the round.

The company was also awarded funding from the?European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme?as well as Innovate UK.

The firm will use the new funds to expand its team, accelerate deployment of its robots, and expand its products and services line.

Commenting on the event, Andrei Danescu, CEO, says: “We are in a great position to accelerate achieving our mission and liberate businesses from dull, repetitive and now even dangerous work, so their employees can focus on the things that bring the most value.

“We are thrilled to have such trusted and experienced investors join our cause and support the next stage of our growth. The demand for automation and robotics has seen a significant rise driven by the current global events and we’re in the best position to respond to it.”