Twin brothers are launching an integrated platform to mitigate the impact of poor mental health in the workplace.

Duncan and Guy Robertson are the co-founders of Dittolo. Based in Northumberland, the pair – who both overcame their own personal issues related to mental health – are on a purpose-led mission to remove poor mental health as an influence on organisational performance and employee happiness.

The digital platform provides organisations with actionable insights so they can actively track, manage and mitigate the impact of mental health in the business while connecting employees with a community of shared lived experiences.

Eventually, the platform will connect employees with a global community of shared lived experiences and be recognised as the go-to platform for individuals seeking support, resources and tools to build their self-care development plans within a safe, secure, and trusted environment.

Guy has had an internationally focused career in change management. 

“In all my years of change management, we were always confined within the limits of business economics,” he said. “This meant focusing on things like situational leadership to drive engagement, empowering employees to be more involved in influencing change, aligning teams with the brand, the vision and the mission. 

“COVID and the ensuing economic impact means individuals are facing into immense personal pressure. This is impossible to set aside as an employee and severely limits their ability to be more productive and engaged. 

“Being confined within the limits of business economics, means there is a massive gap that needs to be bridged to allow employees to be the best they can be, and for organisations to be more resilient to change.

“Most organisations simply don’t know the state of employee mental health in the business and can’t effectively quantify the cost. A report by Deloitte revealed poor mental health costs UK businesses an estimated £45bn every year.”


He added: “What we want to do is empower organisations with actionable insights, and provide employees with a safe & trusted space to connect with others who have a shared experience. We are in essence social beings, and we can’t thrive in isolation. Community, and more importantly, community of shared experience is critical for our wellbeing and allowing us to be the best of ourselves.”

As they are at the testing stage of the technology, Duncan and Guy are keen to work with businesses which might benefit from the resource.

Duncan, who worked in the airline industry for more than 20 years prior to the  COVID-19 pandemic, said: “We are seeking to collaborate with organisations and their employees, to shape and define the platform in line with what works for them so we can provide the most effective tools, resources, and support that meet their needs. 

“We are also keen to connect with partners who may be able to help us shape and develop the platform further.”

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To support the development of their business, Duncan and Guy joined the NatWest’s Purpose-Led Accelerator programme based in the North East. The programme is aimed at entrepreneurs who are redefining what it means to be a business and supporting a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

Duncan said: “The Accelerator has been invaluable in terms of upskilling our business-iq and providing a broader operational perspective for our business. We’ve also enjoyed working with other entrepreneurs and learning from them.”

Sophie Gowling, Entrepreneur Acceleration Manager at NatWest, said: “Duncan and Guy are incredibly passionate about mental health and creating workplaces that are supportive of employees and employers. It’s an exciting time for Dittolo as they prepare test the platform and we wish them every success.”