A startup co-founded by Dragons’ Den star Steven Bartlett has appointed Forbes 30 Under 30’s Anoopreet Rehncy as creative director.

Flight Story is a new service platform for social-first investor relations and was founded by Bartlett and former Social Chain colleague Oliver Yonchev.

Flight Story provides public companies with the people, processes and technology to capture their retail investor community and communicate their story effectively within culture.

With more than 10 years’ experience working with consumer companies, Rehncy left her corporate job at J.P. Morgan to launch her own fashion brand, which led to her earning a spot on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Dragons’ Den star lands new chief data officer to Flight Story

More recently, she led investor communications at PrimaryBib, which connects retail investors with public companies looking to raise capital, where she worked with clients to develop impactful narratives to help make these connections with the retail investor community.

In her new role, Rehncy will be responsible for establishing dynamic creative strategies for clients to be able to communicate their stories through different channels, which drive growth by bringing data-driven rigour to the creative process.

She’ll be instrumental in scaling the group by driving new business opportunities for Flight Story, as well as working with clients to craft and deliver authentic narratives to retail investors.

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Rehncy said: “With a deep understanding of the world of retail investor relations, and the gaps which need bridging between this investing community and public markets, I am beyond excited to be joining Flight Story as creative director during such an exciting stage of growth.

“As creative director, I will be bringing creative strategy to the brands we work with to help foster and strengthen retail investor relations, something which has to date been overlooked in the world of finance.”

On Rehncy’’s appointment, Yonchev said: “We are extremely excited to have Anoopreet join the group as creative director. As a role which you don’t typically find in the world of finance and capital markets, Anoopreet’s creative strategy and narrative curation will further elevate our services for clients.”

Bartlett added: “Flight Story is here to reshape the world of investor relations, by tapping into the world of retail investors with a new strategic approach for clients, which has traditionally been overlooked. Part of this approach includes welcoming creative and financial minds, like Annopreet, in a role where she will piece together how Flight Story engages the community of real investors.”