Posted on November 12, 2019 by staff

Technical issue affects Transferwise customers


Hackney-based FinTech firm Transferwise experienced technical difficulties with its app, website and card earlier today which affected its users’ ability to make purchases.

The firm reported a ‘major outage’ on its iOS App, Android App, physical cards, web app and APIs this morning.

The FinTech, which has six million users, took to Twitter to keep users informed of its efforts to solve the technical issues.

In conversation with users on Twitter, the firm said the root cause was not the result of a hack.

One user told the firm on Twitter that the technical difficulties had resulted in an inability to pay for an overseas hotel.

“Is there a rough time frame that this will be resolved. I need to board a flight and am waiting at an overseas hotel waiting to pay my bill prior to leaving for the airport,” wrote user @mandotherthings.

“The latest I can leave is 40 minutes. Is this likely to be fixed or do I need to look now for alternatives?”

User David King told the firm that the technical problems had caused problems for him and his wife.

The company tweeted around midday that cards were working again while sometime after 2pm the glitch affecting its other services were also fixed.