Posted on September 25, 2019 by staff

Trainline uses AR to transform ads into departure boards


Trainline has launched a series of posters which can turn into a live train  departure board through AR on a smartphone.

After scanning a QR code, a user’s smartphone will overlay information including personalised live train times and the carbon footprint saved by not making a journey in a car.

“Now more than ever there’s a thirst for knowledge of how people can do their bit to reduce their carbon footprint,” said Natalie Marques, senior brand manager at the digital rail and coach platform.

“So we’re really excited to launch an innovative billboard experience that’s genuinely purposeful in educating travellers on the reduction of their CO2 emissions by choosing train travel over road.”

Its campaign at Waterloo station comprises of 16 posters in and around the London station, all with a QR code that opens up the web-based augmented reality platform.

Recently the tech firm appointed former Amazon and ASOS head Brian McBride as its new chair.