pro-manchester’s seventh annual innovation conference is set for June.

Trailblazing Tech 2024, taking place at Manchester Central on Friday 21st June, will cover a diverse array of topics catering to businesses of all sizes.

The event will showcase an impressive lineup of expert keynote speakers, panel sessions and live demonstrations of cutting-edge technology to an audience comprising leading businesses in Greater Manchester.

TT24 is committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and inspiring professionals across various sectors. 

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“TT24 presents an incredible opportunity for professionals from diverse industries to gain valuable insights, foster collaborations, and embrace the transformative power of technology,” said Sam Booth, chief executive at pro-manchester. 

“As Manchester solidifies its position as an innovation hub, this conference will further fuel technological growth, contributing to economic prosperity in the region.”

Early bird registration will end Friday 24th May and allows attendees to secure their spot at a discounted rate. 

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