The Wound Healing Society (WHS) has upgraded topical oxygen therapy to ‘Level 1’ evidence in its latest Diabetic Foot Ulcer (DFU) treatment guidelines.

The development marks a significant advancement in wound care.

The WHS, renowned for its efforts to enhance patient care, recently revised its DFU treatment guidelines to incorporate new, higher-quality evidence. 

Notable inclusions are two Meta-analyses featuring NATROX® O₂ cTOT RCT data. Inotec, the company behind NATROX, was ranked No.1 on our MedTech 50 last year.

Inotec – NATROX® O₂ device heals wounds with humidified oxygen

The WHS acknowledged the efficacy of topical oxygen therapy and its robustness as an intervention in achieving lasting healing results.

Authored by eight international experts, including specialists from the US, the Netherlands, Australia, and the UK, the guidelines aim to improve patient care by reflecting updated literature and evidence.

The updated guidelines focus on various aspects of DFU treatment, including diagnosis, offloading, infection control, wound bed preparation, dressings, surgery, adjunctive agents, and prevention of recurrence.

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