Posted on May 15, 2018 by staff

Tootle enhances customer experience with hpi


Tootle, the smart online platform which enables customers to sell used cars directly to dealers, is aiming to enhance the service it provides to consumers thanks to a new partnership with vehicle history checking company hpi.

The partnership will see London-based Tootle’s users now able to access the platform directly from hpi valuations.

Customers can now find the best price for their vehicle.

“Tootle is an innovative business that is committed to ensuring users get the best price and experience from their vehicle sale,” said head of digital media at hpi Ian Denny.

“A new feature built into our own valuations tool means we are able to ask if car owners if they would like to get offers from interested dealers at our partner Tootle.

“It’s great news for anyone selling a car as Tootle uses an approved network of thousands of dealers, meaning sellers are likely to benefit by getting a higher sale bid for their car.”

Launched in 2016, Tootle offers a revolutionary platform for people to sell used cars. It’s dealers compete to offer the best possible price that the car deserves, providing the customer with a price that is fair.

With an advert that is created in minutes, customers receive initial offers from vetted car dealers within hours of posting.

The service is free to use and there are no hidden fees or catches. Overall, the service prides itself in being safe, secure and honest, working only with professional, quality checked buyers.

Sellers earn five to 10 per cent more than they would from a traditional car-buying service.

Amy Buckley, digital director at Tootle said: “Tootle’s main objective is to ensure that sellers get a fair price for their car.

“Car sellers receive a range of offers from our network of thousands of professional car buyers across the UK, putting sellers back in control.

“As a result of this latest partnership with hpi more consumers than ever before will now be able to access our platform.”

Tootle is backed by leading venture firm Hambro Perks, which supports and builds leading British technology companies with global ambitions.