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When something is popular, you often find that many want to replicate it. So, after the success of some online sportsbooks it’s led to tons more sportsbooks springing up online. It makes it quite difficult to find the right sportsbook for yourself as an individual. But, by following our tips, you should be able to filter out the best from the rest.

What Bonuses Are Up For Grabs?

It may not be the traditional place to start when finding a sportsbook. But because of how many sportsbooks there are, it’s easy to filter out quite a few based on the bonuses that are up for grabs. Operators including Europa sponsors, bwin sportsbook, will offer deals for new players and existing members which are a good way to get started. Some sportsbooks will go as far as offering no deposit bonuses on registering.

Is The Platform Accessible?

More people than ever before are opting to place bets on sport via their smartphones, be it via apps or in-browser. However, the mark of a great platform is one that is accessible across a range of devices because most people have multiple devices they own and use regularly. But the key is for the experience to be up to scratch on each device, too, as users can simultaneously move from device to device based on what’s convenient for them.

What Sports Are Available?

Of course, some sports are more popular than others. Football, boxing, horse racing, etc., are naturally more popular than the likes of volleyball and table tennis. However, nowadays, people want access to as many sports as possible rather than being limited to just a handful of the most popular ones. Variety is always a plus point where sportsbooks are concerned and something that you should always look for when searching for a site to join.

Are There Enough Markets?

Taking the above a step further means ensuring enough markets are available for each sport. And what we mean by this is that you don’t just want to be able to bet on the result of a football game being a home win, draw or an away win. You want markets such as who will score the first goal or score anytime, who will receive a yellow card, how many corners there will be, and so on. Again, the sportsbook operator needs to provide that variety.

Is In-Play Betting Available?

For decades, gambling involved placing bets on sports before they happened. But, after the sports betting scene moved into the online world, innovations began to occur, and one of these was in-play betting. In-play betting allows punters to place bets as the action unfolds, which, in some ways, you could suggest, gives them more of an edge as they could be watching a football game and placing bets based on what they’re seeing, for example.