Time is running out to register for the latest Tech Barometer event on May 24th.

Veteran M&A advisor Charlotte Ashton and serial entrepreneur Ben Davies are among the speakers for Wednesday’s business breakfast.

The popular quarterly event is organised by tech specialist Fairmont Recruitment and BusinessCloud and discusses the changing trends in tech, recruitment and investment.

The pair will be joined by Jack Donohue, CEO and founder of Fairmont Recruitment.

Ashton is a veteran of the private equity world and the founder of Implicit, which helps CEOs, owners and founders prepare for sale.

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Speaking ahead of the event Ashton, who previously worked at Palatine Private Equity, said: “There is caution amongst PE and VCs as they are under pressure to perform.  For investors they are measured on rate of deployment (making investments) and returns.

“There are two issues affecting this: Caution from business owners, macro-economic uncertainty, inflation, supply chain disruptions and the risk of change in government affecting tax, are all impacting on profits and decisions around when to raise or sell.

Ben Davies is the founder of Vypr, which has raised more than £9m in investment from private equity and angel investors and has grown to 55 staff.

Vypr’s game-changing technology can better identify consumer purchase intent – which can help customers avoid costly and unsuccessful product launches.

“It’s like Tinder for products,” is how Davies describes Vypr before his appearance at this week’s Tech Barometer event.

“Vypr has can become a global player in our sector. The vision and ambition is very high. There’s no such thing as an overnight success so to reach 10 years is a proud achievement.

The platform has a community of 70,000 reviewers who sit behind it and enable businesses to rapidly understand changing consumer behaviour through fast, cost-effective consumer insight.

The Tech Barometer event takes place at Fairmont Recruitment’s offices in Mosley Street, Manchester, and will be hosted by Chris Maguire, executive editor of BusinessCloud.

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It’s free to attend but spaces are strictly limited so register here.