A tech start-up ‘waging war against disorganisation’ has launched a platform to tidy up our digital lives. 

Designed to provide users with complete oversight over their affairs, LifeTidy says it provides a safe and secure place for people to record, store and track important life information.

LifeTidy can be used to keep on top of bank accounts, credit cards, passports, key advisors, life, health and insurance policies, trusts, property deeds, mortgage, certificates, investments, personal possessions, wills and other important assets. 

The platform features an integrated wealth dashboard that provides a holistic overview of a user’s current wealth position to help them better understand and manage their day-to-day affairs. 

LifeTidy is also encrypted with the highest bank-grade levels of security to ensure that all personal data is protected. Users can supply a secure key to their next of kin and trusted advisors, so if the worst were to happen, they will have full access to the information needed to navigate probate. 

The startup was founded by entrepreneurs Damon Segal and Mark Hamilford after the former unexpectedly lost his brother two years ago. After being left to navigate the complex process of probate without oversight over his brother’s affairs, he identified a need in the market. 

“Being left with the gargantuan challenge of organising my brother’s affairs and completing probate highlighted a real need for a product like LifeTidy,” said Segal. 

“Unfortunately, he wasn’t organised, leaving a complicated and stressful process of trying to piece together his assets and informing all of the relevant organisations of his death, the result was extensive delays and additional costs in completing the process, at an already difficult time. 

“Getting organised sounds easy, but the speed at which our busy lives are moving makes this a real challenge. We created LifeTidy to empower people to take better control over their affairs today, for an easier and stress-free tomorrow. 

“We hope the platform will not only make people’s lives easier and more efficient but help protect more families for the future.” 

LifeTidy offers partnerships with businesses, such as healthcare and wealth management organisations who can offer LifeTidy to their clients. 

For healthcare, the platform can provide additional support to those who may be required to support end-of-life planning; for wealth management, LifeTidy provides an on-going and in-depth overview of a client’s wealth position on a real time basis.

The LifeTidy platform is available on desktop and mobile and costs £7.99 per month.