Posted on July 22, 2019 by staff

Ticketpass launches ‘ethical ticketing’ platform


London-based social enterprise Ticketpass, has launched an ethical ticketing and event creation platform with a “Give Back 50” promise.

Founded in 2017, firm has pledged to donate 50 per cent of all its booking fee revenues to charities across the world.

The platform, which is free for event organisers, allows them to decide which charity they want their event to support.

Alternatively, they can allow event attendees to choose a project that resonates with them.

“There are more than 1.3 million events per year in the UK alone, but current ticketing options are limited – the fees attendees and event organisers have to pay are often unfair, and sometimes even a rip off,” said Rodrigo Bautista, founder and CEO of Ticketpass.

“We want to show the world that a fair and friendly platform is possible while at the same time giving back to help tackle global problems like climate change, poverty and education.”

The firm has partnered with GlobalGiving, the first and largest global crowdfunding community for non-profits to offer buyers a choice of over 4,000 vetted community projects, in over 170 countries.

“Ticketing holds a great potential for the millions of people who organise and attend events to make a contribution to community-led charitable projects from around the world,” added Rachel Smith, Executive Director, GlobalGiving UK.

“We are delighted to partner with Ticketpass to provide a safe way for people to choose from a wide range of important causes,”

Charities organising events using Ticketpass also have the choice to direct donations to their own projects, providing them with additional income. Regardless of the event and the booking fee involved, attendees also have the choice to donate an additional amount to a charity of their choice.

Ticketpass will seek to raise £250,000 in the coming weeks to invest in expanding platform features through a crowdfunding campaign, with plans to expand to Europe and then globally in 2020.