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When it comes to playing games, everyone has a preference. Some people prefer consoles, while others prefer PC – but when it comes to casino games, your choices are mobile or desktop. Both mobile slots and desktop slots have a lot to offer. 

The ease of unlocking your mobile phone and immediately having access to your favourite online slots is incredible. It’s so convenient and makes playing on the go easy and fun. But a desktop has its perks too. You get a bigger screen, a full keyboard and can switch games more easily. 

Both desktop slots and mobile slots have pros and some cons – but is there a clear winner? 

How popular are online slots? 

While all casinos have plenty of supporting players who can’t wait to play – slots have a more significant role. Just like when you are playing other casino games, you can win cash prizes. 

Slots currently hold the top spot for the most popular gambling games, and it’s not hard to see why. Slots are easy to learn, there are thousands of themes, and you can win real money – including accumulator jackpots in some cases. 

What are the differences between mobile slots and desktop slots?

One of the best things about slots is that you get to enjoy the same excellent player experience on both mobile and desktop. You will get the incredible graphics, the music, and if you win – you win! 

You aren’t tied to using a mobile application to play mobile slots; most websites also have a mobile-friendly version. You can also access the desktop site on most mobile phones. It makes playing wherever you want so easy; it’s hard to see why it wouldn’t automatically be the best way to play. 

But some people prefer to sit at their desktops, grab a blanket, a coffee, and play on a bigger screen. The bigger screen offers fantastic viewing and comfort but maybe with a little less mobility – of course! 

Battery life

When we play slots or other online games, we are plugged directly into the power. Being plugged into the mains means you will always have the power you need to play. Mobile phones have a set amount of battery power, and playing games on them can often make that time much shorter. 

The issue can be easily solved by carrying a portable battery pack for your mobile phone, though. 


Even if we are talking about using a laptop to play your online slots games, the mobile phone is the clear winner when it comes to portability. A mobile phone is small enough to fit in your pocket or a bag and carry in your hand. 

Even if you want to play slots on your laptop, you will still need to have room for your computer, and you won’t be walking down the street with it in your hand to play slots any time soon. 

Playing slots whenever you want and wherever your want is only possible when you use a mobile phone. 

Screen size

Mobile phones are designed to give us a crisp and beautiful screen – including the gaming experience. Newer models have screens that offer high resolution and a range of contrast options. 

Game developers for slots have taken that into account, and when they build games that are mobile compatible, they will look incredible. 

One of the best things about desktops is switching out the screen and replacing it with a gaming monitor. Gaming computer screens are designed to be crystal clear – and give you the best gaming experience. 

This one is a personal preference. If you want to focus entirely on your game, then the small full-screen mobile version is perfect. However, if you’re going to have multiple things on the screen, or more than one game at a time, then the desktop is your clear winner. 

Internet and data

Your mobile data plan will have a significant impact on how much you can play on your mobiles. Once you are out of minutes (if you don’t have an unlimited plan), the cost of playing your favourite online slots will increase pretty rapidly. 

Data is reasonably priced, but it is still something you don’t have to consider when you are playing on a desktop that is plugged into your home internet. 

How fast your game is going to run will be related to how fast your internet is. If you only have 3g connectivity, you will notice some slow download times and some lag. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the game, though; it just means you’ll need to be patient. 

If you have 4g or 5g, you will rarely have any issues with the speed you can play. 

What this means is, if your home internet is 3g or you live in an area where the internet is notoriously slow – then using mobile data is often the faster option! 

Who is the winner in mobile slots vs desktop slots?

There is an argument to be made for both sides. The large screen gives more options in terms of not being tied to just having slots on the screen, but mobile often offers a more crisp experience. 

If you take data out of the running and play online on your mobile where wi-fi is available, you can play on high-speed internet almost anywhere. But for those who like to stay home, the desktop is more practical and the clear winner. 

Maybe the best way to tell which one is better is to try them both out and see which one you prefer!