Posted on June 6, 2018 by staff

The Artificial Intelligence Briefing: Meet Norman Bates


Academics have been warning us about the importance of unbiased AI development for years, lest we teach a very powerful machine the same illogical, irrational behaviour that we as humans are so prone to.

But do we listen? Now we’ve got a psychotic artificial intelligence on our hands. Congratulations everyone, the human race is toast.

Thankfully for us, this is just a drill. MIT developed this unsettling software, named after Norman Bates in ‘Psycho’, to prove the point, again.

When shown an inkblot, a standard AI saw ‘a close up of a vase with flowers’, Norman responded with ‘a man is electrocuted and catches to death’.

Let’s be careful what we teach AI. After all, they’ll soon be driving our cars.

AI finds the next Zuck’

It’s getting harder and harder to name a famous US entrepreneur who hasn’t recently fallen from grace.

Zuckerburg’s still on the apology tour whilst the ICO investigates his entire company and Elon Musk has recently begun a tirade against the mainstream media.

It might be time for us to find some new entrepreneurs to look up to, and now we know exactly where to find them.

A new study used AI to identify what ‘entrepreneurial’ language and looked for that type of language across 1.5 billion tweets.

Queensland University of Technology, which conducted the study, found substantial positive correlations between tweets high in ‘entrepreneurialism’ and actual start-ups rates in the same area.

‘Deep video portraits’

Whilst it’s not the first of its kind, in this latest demonstration from AI researchers, we can see just how far AI-powered photo-realistic re-animation has come since just last year.

The ‘G’ word

The phrase ‘GDPR’ has many of the same qualities as a swear-word. Say it in public and people will either cower in horror or roll their eyes.

It’s impossible to avoid, but we can talk about it far less by applying some machine learning.

A company hoping to make that a reality is Egnyte, which uses machine learning to automatically find GDPR-sensitive information in your business database.

The tech automatically looks for high risk information like credit card numbers, health information and phone numbers, and then classifies it on a risk scale from 1 – 9.

AI is the first choice for European seed investors

If you’re planning to launch a new start which quickly becomes a scale-up and soon changes the world, the quickest route to funding is in the AI sector.

A new report from London-based financial institution Mosaic Ventures asked Europe’s top seed investors what was currently catching their eye, and overwhelmingly, they want to empty their pockets for fledgling AI businesses.

The survey found that 70 per cent of seed investors are ‘excited’ about the sector, the highest scoring of any sector in the report.

Now there’s just the simple task of developing an entire AI business. How hard could that be?