A digital coaching platform has secured backing from Innovate UK to help firms recruit people based on their joint values. 

Your FLOCK also aims to help remote working teams discover and strengthen their dominant core values through scientific analysis of company culture. Its assessment is based on research conducted with the University of Manchester. 

It asks a series of multiplechoice questions before delivering aindividual report which focuses on nine dimensions, such as teamwork, customer focus, adaptability and autonomy.  


It then offers in-depth feedback on how this employee or prospective hire can be motivated in each area to get the best out of them – or what may demotivate them. 

The £100,000 funding is part of the Sustainable Innovation Fund which aims to help firms add value to society as COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc upon the nation’s health and finances. 

Manchester-based Your FLOCK is using its own technology to carry out internal recruitment. The latest example of this is Artur Grzybowski, who has just joined the company as product and project management lead.  

Grzybowski, the founder of virtual reality public speaking app – which has more than 200,000 users globally – recently served as CTO of VR experiences firm Immotion. 

“The future of work is around recruiting and hiring people based on their joint values – and using technology to help them do so,” says co-founder Dan Sodergren, who invested personally in the project two years ago. 

“It’s amazing that now the government and Innovate UK have seen the same potential for Your FLOCK as I did [although] itook the social impact of coronavirus to help them see it.  

CEO Michal Wisniewski adds: “We are now looking to find further £140,000 from private investment. We have already secured a commitment of £50,000 from GC Angels so we are now looking to raise the remaining £90,000 by the end of this year. 

[The Innovate UK funding] is a huge break for Your FLOCK as we pivoted our HR tech solution in June 2020... this funding will significantly improve and accelerate our development.”