Posted on April 1, 2019 by staff

Tech start-ups to be given survival tips


BusinessCloud and Tech Manchester will be holding a joint event aimed at improving the survival chances of tech start-ups.

Statistically less than 50 per cent of start-ups will survive long enough to celebrate their fifth birthday and the percentage is thought to be even lower in the tech sector, where staffing costs are higher.

That’s why BusinessCloud and Tech Manchester will be combining our resources on May 31st for our  breakfast event ‘ Tech start-up survival guide’ at UKFast Campus, in Manchester.

You can register for free here.

The event will look at a range of challenges facing start-ups including:

  • Creating the perfect business plan
  • How long do you bootstrap a start-up?
  • Getting the right legal advice (ie. shareholder agreements; patents; IP etc)
  • Taking on the right investment
  • When should you pivot a business?
  • The importance of networks and mentors
  • Choosing the right office
  • The right time to recruit
  • Monetarising a great idea
  • Turning a start-up into a scale-up

We’ll be joined by a series of tech entrepreneurs who will be sharing their battle stories of starting a business and their successes and failures along their way.

The first three confirmed speakers are Sean Murphy, director/consultant, Evidential; Gary Rohloff, co-founder and managing director, Laybuy; and Rechelle Davis, director of Liverpool-based Energy Fairies.