Posted on June 29, 2018 by staff

Tech start-up gets travellers off the beaten track


If you’re sick of battling other tourists for sun loungers on your holidays, Travideo could help you get away from the beaten path and closer to the world’s hidden gems.

In a bid to get Brits off the saturated tourist trail the platform – dubbed the ‘YouTube for travel’ – wants to give lesser known destinations greater exposure and encourage Brits to think outside the box when selecting their next holiday hot spot.

Its launch comes at a good time, as recent anti-tourism protests in Spain saw locals blame mass British tourism for the ‘destruction’ of beautiful islands such as Mallorca and Ibiza, and Venice has started segregating locals and tourists to combat overcrowding.

From Iceland to Zanzibar, Travideo allows travellers to seek inspiration, preview destinations before jetting off and marvel at the hidden wonders of the world, all thanks to the carefully curated videos that can be discovered via Travideo’s interactive map.

The team behind Travideo hopes the immersive travel-by-video experience will allow users to get the best possible taste of diverse cultures and impressive landscapes, inspiring future travel plans to new and exciting destinations that are not buckling under the weight of mass tourism.

Travideo collaborates with award-winning videographers, undiscovered filmmakers and passionate travellers to curate the most jaw-dropping videos for users to browse and enjoy.

Users can either search for specific locations, search within categories such as ‘The Road Less Travelled’ and ‘Natural Beauty’, or choose to discover something new by being taken to a surprise location.

“Too many of us have limited experiences when it comes to travel. I wanted to create Travideo to give people an opportunity to see the world in all its beauty,” said Travideo founder Paulo Palha.

“With Travideo, I’m hoping to encourage people to get inspired and think outside the box when it comes to picking their next holiday destination.

“We want to use tech as a way of solving ‘real world’ problems, such as tourism saturation which we are seeing in many parts of Europe.

“This is why we’re trying to shine a spotlight on some of the best kept secrets around the world and allow travellers to see amazing destinations they otherwise wouldn’t have known existed or felt compelled to visit.”

Palha believes the amount of content people find when searching for far-flung destinations such as Indonesia on platforms like YouTube makes it almost impossible to get an accurate feel for a place.

“At Travideo, we only host the best of the best, meaning you’ll only see beautifully shot content that provides a real insight into your location of choice,” he said.

“We’re confident users will be totally drawn in by the stunning videos we’re hosting on the site and will feel inspired to get off the beaten track.

“There’s so much filmmaking talent out there too, and we’re all about giving these people additional exposure.”

Travideo isn’t Palha’s first venture into the travel industry. He created another popular travel website,, which allows travellers to browse for hotels with the most breath-taking views.