Posted on June 2, 2015 by staff

Tech Rich List to profile top 100 UK digital entrepreneurs


The technology sector is becoming increasingly important to the UK’s future prosperity.

Growing at a faster rate than the rest of the economy, digital industries now have an annual turnover of £161billion.

But who are Britain’s tech billionaires and millionaires defying the prevailing gloom?

BusinessCloud’s inaugural top 100 Tech Rich List will catalogue the sector’s top entrepreneurs and business owners, who are now worth a collective £19.655bn.

While that is a big chunk of change, it is a sobering thought that there is no British equivalent of Amazon, Facebook or Microsoft, whose founders are among the top ten richest people on the planet.

Indeed five of the top ten are American tech heroes, led by Bill Gates with £54.4bn.

Collectively those American tech titans are worth nearly £175bn, which makes our £19.655bn total seem relatively modest in comparison.

The list has been compiled by Philip Beresford, who also produces the annual Sunday Times Rich List, and will be revealed next week in countdown format – with 20 entrepreneurs showcased each day.

Our top 100 Tech Rich List, featured in the first issue of the BusinessCloud magazine, is drawn from the ranks of those in mobile, telecoms, internet, software and computer hardware, whether selling, making or designing. Their wealth varies from £1.5bn to £40m.

Come back on Monday morning for the first instalment of the Tech Rich List, when those occupying places 81-100 will be profiled.