Posted on August 13, 2015 by staff

Tech Partnership Launches


Tech Partnership has launched its #choosetech campaign to showcase the range of jobs on offer to students collecting their GCSE and A-Level results.

Tech Partnership is a network of employers that aims to create skills in order to grow the digital economy. Members include Cisco, Telefonica, BT, IBM and National Grid.

The initiative is set to see employers showcase the types of roles that are available for apprentices and graduates in the tech sector, and will highlight the range of jobs on offer such as creating apps or protecting companies from cyber attack.

Tech Partnership board member and CEO at Telefonica, Ronan Dunne, said: “We have lived through a digital revolution – and it’s not over yet. Importantly, it’s no longer limited to the tech sector; we are seeing its positive impact across all industries, from health to education, retail and the public sector.

“Digital technology has been a driving force behind economic recovery and can continue to help the UK to compete on the global stage. But we’re only as good as the people and skills we have.

“Our research shows that the UK needs 750,000 digital skilled workers by 2017. We urgently need to plug this gap, but if our focus remains solely on upskilling people, we are in danger of missing the mark. Government and educators need to inspire young people, our digital natives, to go after these jobs – whether that’s through career advice, work experience or mentoring – to future-proof the economy.”

Research conducted by Tech Partnership found that the tech sector contributes three times more to the UK economy than the sports and recreation, film, TV and gambling industry, and found that the average salary in the IT sector is £37,960 compared with the UK average annual salary at £24,960.

Their research revealed that the sector needs 134,000 new recruits every year and that 99% of employers expect to increase or maintain their tech specialist staff this year.