Entrepreneur network Tech Nation has launched Growth Platform, an online service for scaling tech companies.

The platform offers personalised advice, access to networks, data insights, Tech Nation’s growth and sector programmes plus other resources.

Over the last decade, almost 20% of UK tech startups and scaleups failed in the course of their growth journey, while around 50% remained stuck in early growth stages and only 23% exited or reached late-stage scaling growth.

To better address this problem, Tech Nation aims to support more than 6,000 scaleups during the entire scaling journey – from seed stage to IPO – through Growth Platform to take pressure off leaders.

Any eligible UK company can become a basic-level member of the Growth Platform, giving them online access to data, events, resources and networks to accelerate their scaling journey. 

Eligible UK companies include growth and sector programme cohort companies, tech businesses scaling at speed – with 20%+ year-on-year growth – and Highly Commended Applicants (HCAs) who apply for and narrowly miss a place on the growth and sector programmes. 

Currently, 675 users from Tech Nation’s network have joined and are using the platform already, with the number of users currently growing by 150+ a week on average.

Successful companies will benefit from data to benchmark progress against their peers, to help with decision making, to analyse new opportunities, and to predict future challenges; access to Tech Nation’s extensive network to find trusted groups of peers and access its network of advisers, investors and partners;  and personalised and data-driven content including help and advice from real leaders who have scaled before.

Tech Nation’s Growth and Sector programmes will be supported through the platform; providing content, reading lists, connections and expert speaker masterclasses. 

“Our role at Tech Nation is to increase the number of companies that can scale successfully and accelerate the growth of the scaleup market,” said CEO Gerard Grech, who founded Tech Nation eight years ago.

“This growth will empower tech scaleups to solve important societal and environmental challenges, boost job creation, and strengthen the UK economy. 

“I’m immensely proud of what we’ve achieved over the last eight years but now the Growth Platform is an essential mechanism to enable us to supercharge our support and take it to the next level.”