Tech Nation has launched a Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit. 

The comprehensive guide for founders and employees intends to help them build more diverse and inclusive tech businesses. 

Many UK tech companies have taken significant steps in implementing diversity & inclusion strategies and are now seeing positive results in not only the makeup of their workforce, but in the productivity and success of their companies.  

With a growing number of UK examples, this toolkit aims to celebrate success already achieved in tackling diversity and inclusion, while providing the resources for others to do the same.  

Diversity and inclusion cuts across every part of a tech company, ranging from gathering diversity data, hiring for diversity, setting a D&I budget, creating an inclusive culture and minimising bias in product development.  

However data from Extend Ventures shows that in 2019, entrepreneurs from Black, South Asian, East Asian and Middle Eastern backgrounds received just 1.7% of UK VC investment, while over the past decade, only 3% of VC funding went to all female teams.  

Created from interviews conducted with UK tech leaders, the toolkit offers insights and guidance to help founders scale diverse and inclusive companies.  

Each section of the toolkit contains checklists, links to tools and resources, and case studies highlighting examples of companies who have enacted positive change. Continually updated, it will reflect the changing tech landscape, new D&I initiatives and companies which have already implemented successful D&I frameworks.  

The toolkit was created in partnership with The Unmistakables, an award-winning Diversity & Inclusion consultancy, and is supported by talent and training partner Futureproof.  

Tech Nation is also partnering with the All In Commitment & Community for diversity & inclusion. All In is a cross-industry effort to encourage startup founders to pledge their commitment to creating diverse and inclusive work environments, whilst building a community of committed peers who can share questions and advice in a safe space. 

Rowena Knapp, COO at Tech Nation, commented: “When it comes to achieving equality in the UK’s tech sector, we still have a long way to go. Tech companies and their founders need to have a comprehensive toolkit they can turn to to help them address diversity issues head-on.  

“As we look to rebuild a stronger economy and society, equal opportunity and representation within the tech sector has never been more important.  

“This is why I am pleased to launch the Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit today, which we will continue to refine and build on over the months and years to come. Creating a truly diverse and inclusive tech business is an ongoing and iterative process, and the D&I Toolkit is a fantastic place to start.” 

Asad Dhunna, Founder and CEO of The Unmistakables, commented: “Building organisations that are inclusive from the inside out takes concerted time, energy and effort. This is by no means an end point, it’s just the beginning and the road to true inclusion takes time and continued, concerted effort.  

“It’s important we continue to iterate and refine this toolkit as language and society evolves and as founders continue to provide examples of the systems and processes they are putting in place to grow their businesses inclusively.” 

A link to the D&I Toolkit can be found here