Posted on February 21, 2018 by staff

Tech Manchester to hold new mentoring event for start-ups


Tech Manchester is inviting start-ups to another ‘Meet the Mentor’ event next week after the success of the first edition.

The not-for-profit initiative connects digital start-ups with entrepreneurs in a mentoring scheme and is hosting a matching event for tech start-ups in need of support and guidance on Monday 26th February from 2-8pm.

“Our first wave of 48 matches are now well underway and we have seen some great progress in the business and personal development of the mentees,” said Tech Manchester project lead Patricia Keating.

“Following the success of our first mentor match-up event we continue to receive applications from start-ups for mentors – and from business people interested in training to become mentors.

“It makes perfect sense to host further training for mentors and to introduce them to start-ups looking for guidance so soon as possible. There is huge demand out there from founders looking for mentoring.”

Tech Manchester is backed by UKFast CEO Lawrence Jones MBE, with Monday’s event to be held at the UKFast Campus.

Jones said: “I’m incredibly proud of what the Tech Manchester team has achieved in such a short space of time.

“To see the energy that’s generated and the results when we bring so many amazing people together only inspires me to push this project even further.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the success of the next batch of mentors and mentees.”

The event will give start-ups the opportunity to meet up to five prospective mentors with the skills and knowledge they require – and then to choose the mentor that best meets their mission.

Once mentors are selected, they embark on a six-to-12-month journey during which they will identify and explore goals and objectives.

Keating added: “Harnessing the resources of UKFast such as the video, PR and communications teams, we have raised the profile of a number of the start-ups and the traction they have gained demonstrates how we can harness UKFast’s influence and reach for the good of others.”