Posted on March 1, 2018 by staff

Tech journalist Kate Russell to speak at Cloud UK Live


Tech journalist Kate Russell will be speaking at UKFast’s Cloud UK Live event in Manchester on March 7th.

Russell is well-known for appearing on BBC tech programme Click and has also authored two sci-fi books.

The line-up includes technology strategist Paul Papadimitriou, MD of the Business Fraud Prevention Partnership Edward Whittingham and UKFast’s director of enterprise technology Chris Folkerd.

Cloud UK Live’s twin events run in Manchester on Wednesday March 7th and at Euston Square in London on March 14th.

The free event is set to focus on cloud automation, the growth of data, cloud security, GDPR and greener cloud technologies. Attendees have the opportunity to book an appointment at the event with the UKFast Cloud Doctor, for a free consultation and server analysis.

UKFast Enterprise MD Jonathan Bowers is co-hosting the event alongside Arlene Bulfin, UKFast’s director of people development.

Bowers said: “Cloud is helping people transform their businesses. Cloud UK Live is about putting people in the best possible position to understand if cloud is for them and how they can get the best results from it.

“Of course, cybersecurity is a major question for many of the businesses we talk to, so we’ll be offering plenty of practical security advice to set them on the right track.

“New and evolving technologies open up huge business opportunities but companies need an understanding of how this tech, like cloud, can fit into their operations and how it can benefit them. It’s the same with any project; you have to have the right tools to deliver the job.

“Ultimately, collaboration is the key to achieving our long-term goal of making Manchester the number one tech city in the UK.

“We’re bringing together some amazing speakers at the event, both from UKFast and from further afield, to share their knowledge and advise as many people as possible. There’s a huge buzz around tech here in the city and it’s incredibly exciting.”

Cloud UK Live is in partnership with HPE Cloud28+, an open community of cloud service providers, solution providers, ISVs, systems integrators, distributors, and government entities dedicated to accelerating Cloud adoption around the globe.