Posted on January 4, 2019 by staff

Tech drives Real Madrid world tour


Real Madrid is taking its brand to a worldwide fan base estimated at 140 million thanks to an “explosive” interactive experience.

Now touring the world, the Real Madrid World of Football Experience is a state-of-the-art, digital and physical interactive experience designed for all ages.

Blending physical interactive experiences with audio visual displays and playable gaming technologies, visitors can discover the culture, passion, players and epic victories behind Spain’s most celebrated club.

The club, which is struggling in La Liga this season after head coach Zinedine Zidane left in the summer, has won a record 13 European Cups.

The experience inside the 50m x 30m touring pavilion begins with a video experience relayed by two huge 18-screen walls powered by BrightSign players and programmed by Amped.

Most walls of this size are built just once, but these will be dismantled and reassembled at least 15 times, without the original designers present, as the experience travels around the world visiting 15 cities over the next five years.

Matt Steedman, director of Amped Digital, said: “We created an AV explosion: a spectacular immersive audio video experience that gets visitors excited and sets the expectation for what’s to follow.

“Even for an AV pro like myself, the final effect is dizzying: a combination of 36 large screens delivering content in perfect synchronisation all accompanied by a wall of sound makes a deep impression.”

A total of 12 players, each driving two or four screens, networked together shows off the content. This means the playback of each of the eight video segments must begin at precisely the same moment.

BrightSign players also drive interactive information kiosks throughout the experience.

World of Football was created for Real Madrid by Interp, specialists in the development, movement and installation of temporary exhibitions and experiences, in partnership with Melbourne Museum.

The exhibition began in Melbourne and is set to announce further cities in due course.