Posted on November 18, 2016 by staff

Tech can save the NHS – but there is work to do


Technology has the potential to save our National Health Service as it allows the personalisation of care at scale.

That is the view of Dominic Cushnan, who has delivered hackathons, innovation projects and change platforms as digital innovation manager at NHS Horizons.

“It’s not a simple question, but in my head the answer is yes, tech can save the NHS,” he told BusinessCloud.

“In my heart I know we have a lot of work to do to get people to understand the opportunities around what is possible in healthcare with the use of technology – and how to make jobs more efficient so time and energy can be spent on the care of the patient.”

Cushnan, who ran innovation technology company Mixed Reality Studio for almost a decade before joining NHS England, will be speaking at BusinessCloud’s ‘Transforming healthcare through technology’ conference and exhibition on November 23 in Chorley.

His Horizons team are a national improvement support unit within the NHS in England. He said his challenge is to work with new technology to improve patient care, enhance public health issues and improve society.

He added: “Personalisation in healthcare, using genomics and artificial intelligence, will open the possibilities of a Health Service that caters individually but at scale.

“I work on many projects around large scale change… I am collaborating with partners on what a social movement of digital activists would look like to influence transformation plans, with digital as the cornerstone.”