Posted on April 3, 2018 by staff

Tech accelerator programme to launch in Leeds


Brand design consultancy Elmwood is set to launch an accelerator programme to bring creative and technology start-ups together at its headquarters in Leeds.

Elmwood LaunchPod will officially launch in mid-April and is aimed at promoting the development of innovative consumer health start-ups.

Its Leeds studio is in a region which is taking a lead role across the academic, public and private health sectors, driving cutting-edge research at five universities and home to more than 250 medtech companies and 22 per cent of the UK’s digital health jobs.

“This is a unique project bringing together businesses with breakthrough ideas propelled by the power of design,” said Sarah Dear, managing partner at Elmwood and managing director of Elmwood LaunchPod.

“The future inevitably starts with an idea and some of the most innovative ideas are found among start-up businesses.

“Elmwood prides itself on being at the intersection of creativity and innovation and we’re looking forward to supporting both the region and the aspirations of health-focused entrepreneurs who are eager to develop the next generation of consumer health experiences into successful businesses that help improve people’s lives.”

Elmwood recently acquired immersive technology specialists Framework Creative.

It anticipates working with four to six start-ups when the 12-week accelerator programme commences in June.

The application process starts on Monday 16th April and closes on Friday 8th May.

Throughout the 12-week programme, successful applicants will receive expert mentorship and free workspace at Elmwood’s studio in Leeds.

Participating start-ups will also have access to expertise across Elmwood’s global clients, as well as specialist insight from a world-class community of marketers and creative designers.