Tata Consultancy Services has launched WisdomNext – a platform that aggregates multiple generative artificial intelligence services into a single interface.

The platform is designed to remove barriers for customers to develop and launch GenAI models, allowing for real-time experimentation across vendor, internal and open-source LLM models.

AI and GenAI have far-reaching applications across the value chain for businesses; however, solution designers around the world find it difficult to select, experiment and decide on the right foundational models to use. 

Foundational models are constantly evolving, and each model offers different capabilities in terms of mode of usage, cost and effectiveness. 

WisdomNext aims to help businesses choose the right models and simplify the design of new solutions using GenAI tools. It also enables businesses to reuse pre-existing components to accelerate the design of the solutions.

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Siva Ganesan, head of the AI.Cloud Unit at TCS, said: “TCS AI WisdomNext helps our customers take advantage of GenAI to unlock the full potential of their data, drive greater business innovation and efficiency, and gain a competitive edge. 

“Customers appreciate the newly launched platform’s ability to help navigate a diverse and quickly evolving AI marketplace and rapidly compose ‘art-of-the-possible’ solutions. We are solving business problems and helping our customers redefine what it means to harness the power of GenAI. 

“The rapid adoption of GenAI and experiencing what it means in terms of business outcomes is something our customers find very exciting.”

In the initial testing phase, TCS has already leveraged this powerful tool for many of its largest customers to create value for them and build prototypes. One example is enhancing the customer experience through a smart mortgage-assistant for a leading bank in the UK.

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