Posted on February 14, 2019 by staff

‘Systems Farmer’, ‘AI Translator’: experts predict jobs in 2040


Technologists have shared the roles which they predict will become prominent in the coming decades.

Three-quarters of Generation Z want more information on tomorrow’s jobs and the skills they will need, and more than half are worried about the right training to future proof their career.

Looking to the future, technologists at BAE have predicted which jobs will be in demand in the 2030s and 40s, specifically in the field of AI, wearables and synthetic biology.

Examples of jobs include a ‘systems farmer’; a scientist capable of ‘growing’ mechanical parts from chemical processes. Known as “chemputing”, these component parts can sense, process, and harvest energy while also being super strong – and perhaps even able to self-repair.

It also predicts roles in ‘human e-sources management’, measuring employee’s wellbeing and cognitive state using tools such as wearable technologies.

They predict that roles will be created for ‘AI translators’, tuning AI aids to be the perfect working partner to human operators

They predict that these roles will take centre stage in the delivery of the cutting edge technology of the future; helping to ensure the defence and aerospace industry continues to lead the way in technology advancements and is able to respond to emerging threats.

“Technology and innovation are central to our business and we rely on the very best engineering talent to develop innovative and efficient solutions for our customers,” said Nick Colosimo, Principal Technologist at BAE Systems.

“These young people are essential in ensuring that the UK remains a leader in technology, engineering and manufacturing for decades to come.”

Dr Rhys Morgan, Director, Education and Engineering at the Royal Academy of Engineering, added: “It’s a really exciting time for emerging technologies in engineering.

“There are a variety of roles in engineering – and a huge range of possibilities in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) careers – which will be available in the sector in the near future.”