Neo Medical, a Lausanne, Switzerland-based medtech company recently received funding from Boundary Holding, a European investment firm. The funds raised in the process will be used to finance the company’s global growth and expansion in targeted key markets. Neo Medical is currently focused on five strategic markets, which include the USA, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and France.

The company is known for developing solutions to achieve functional fusion in spine surgery on the back of its experienced and highly-skilled human resource. Functional fusion in spinal surgery has remained a challenge for a long time. It is not only costly, but the doubts over accuracy still remain. Several attempts have been made to mitigate this issue, but the researchers haven’t been able to come up with a comprehensive solution.

Millions of people are affected by this problem, especially in the western world. The pandemic has only made things tougher and the medication hasn’t provided the expected results. This is where Neo medical has been credited with developing transformational value-based healthcare technologies for thoracolumbar functional fusion.

The company has come up with revolutionary one-time use sterile kits which include pedicle screw system and cage for spine surgery, saving a lot of costs for hospitals as well as patients. On the back of its innovative solutions, Neo Medical has attracted several investors across the globe, including Boundary Holding led by Rajat Khare. The deep-tech European investment firm is known for investing in tech-based firms and startups that are triggering the fourth industrial revolution.

Mr. Khare first met with the founders, Vincent and Jonas in Switzerland. After a couple of meetings ended on a positive note, he decided to close the deal.

Neo Medical’s solutions are revolutionary, as they enable spine surgeons to limit stress overload on patients’ spines, thus reducing risks of screw loosening and hardware failure. They also limit re- operation risks, while improving the overall outcome.

The value-based care approach of the company also ensures an easier, reproducible and more efficient experience in spine surgery by reducing the overall environmental footprint.