Swedish startup Voicemachine has expanded into the UK market.

Founded in 2019 by veteran entrepreneurs Peo Drangert and Olle Bodelius, Voicemachine is a next-generation online voice over service.

Drangert said: “With today’s technology, it is unreasonable for voice-overs to be so expensive. Customers pay for studios and project management that are not even needed.

“What we have created is a kind of ‘Uber’ of the voice industry – the same results as other providers, but we have cut all unnecessary costs and made the process significantly smoother.”

Currently working with over 400 vetted voice actors, Voicemachine provides services in over 30 different languages.

With over 20 years of experience in the voice-over sector, Drangert has worked as both a producer and sound engineer and Bodelius, a serial entrepreneur, is the founder of several SaaS services.

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Aided by full-stack developers and co-founders David Ershag and Daniel Larsson, Voicemachine was brought into the world in early 2020.

The startup has been backed by angels since 2021 and recently raised around €1.5million with Moor Holding as the main investor, helping the company expand into exciting new ventures such as providing voice-overs for video games.

In an industry-first move, Voicemachine cuts unnecessary high-end expenses, allowing them to service customers with high quality voice talents for an economical, fixed price.

In providing their clients with both the original and dynamic mastered versions of files, they are able to perform sound work themselves without needing extensive knowledge of technical audio dynamics.

Their unique, delivery system makes it possible to work without the need for a sound engineer.

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